Whoa! Your cat may be very stressed ...

Ask your vet about Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Urinary Stress.

Watch this video now for 10 tips to help relieve stress.

Stressed Result

Congratulations! You have a pretty calm kitty!

Feline urinary conditions is one of the most common ailments in cats and can be a big problem for cat owners if it occurs.

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Just like us, stress in cats may affect their health – with urinary issues being one of the more noticeable effects. Take the stress quiz to see if your cat could be at risk.


Where does your cat live?

In the case of multi-cat households ...

In the case of multi-cat households ...

If an indoor and outdoor cat, we have ...

What kind of access do they have to water?

Is your cat ...

How much activity time/playtime/interaction does your cat get a day?

Do you find your cat urinating/defecating/spraying in inappropriate places?

Does your cat have access to designated elevated areas?

Does your cat have a scratching post?

Do you have neighbouring cats invading your territory?

Does your cat hide from household activity or keep to itself?

Have there been changes in your cat's home environment in the last 6 months?

If you have other pets, do they ...

Rate how often you observe any of these behaviours in your cat. Hiding, escaping, running away, hissing, growling, calling, swatting, biting, attacking, puffing up fur or tail.